PBR material creation.

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PBR Textures

As simple as just dropping your image into the main scene, using just a few sliders to adjust settings and visual updates in real time.

Then export your maps ready for using in your favorite 3D modeling software.

PBR Material

A PBR material, which actually stands for Physically-Based Rendering, is a virtual material pipeline that can simulate any kind of physical material to particularly improve a 3D model.

It includes a multitude of parameters such as diffuse/albedo, displacement, normal, metalness, roughness, ambient occlusion and also clear coat textures.

Main features:

- Drag n drop your source texture into the main scene.
- Drag n drop secondary texture/image into the image tool panel to create some nice effects.
- 2 available rendering formats, PBR(Physically-Based Rendering) and Blinn–Phong reflection model.
- Adjust all settings using sliders.
- Recognises .png transparency.
- Export maps to .png, .jpg and .tiff
- Export to Cheetah3D(.c3dmat) file format for use in Cheetah3D.
- Saves your source texture image, secondary images and settings as a package with extension .stex, to make it easier for you to share your creations with other users.
- No technical setup.

Developed for 3D Artists by a 3D Artist.
Iv'e tried to make it easy as possible to use, nothing is too technical, It's just a matter of dropping an image into the main scene window to get started. Then adjust a few sliders until the texture looks as you would like.

The map editor is at the bottom of the main window and shows all the different textures required to create your PBR material.
All changes are viewed in real time in the main scene above the map editor.

I have even developed our export routine to pack all your new maps into a single folder for easy access.

The folder will contain your Albedo/Diffuse, Normal, Metalness, Roughness, Ambient occlusion maps and also your Clear coat maps.
Below is shown the exported maps in Cheetah3D.
3D Textures
There's really no end to the creations you can make.
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